Sunday, February 3, 2008

Spanish Magic - Moonmilk - Tired Hands


Run by the brothers CASTINGS, Spanish Magic is a helluva label with a helluva lot of good releases. Run out of a scruffy warehouse in Sydney, Spanish Magics' repetoire ranges from free noise to ambient to psychedelic rock etc.. some more things are on the way, but for now we have

Punk Rock is Bunk Squawk - CASTINGS $8

Read this lil ol' review from John Olson of Dead Machines/ Wolf Eyes
"CASTINGZ= everyone weird is from a small town, puts fuel in they music brain damage cells of strange-nezz....but fucking NEWCASTLE AUSTRAILIA?Makes Up North Michigan look like a SKY MALL. When the boyz were there it was nothing but soccer fights, empty buildings, dry streets, and CASTINGS. They had no fans there, said they been around for 5+ years= nothing. No chicks, no beer, no drugz, nada. But they did have a super strange weirdo lurch vibe going down. Six or seven underground types with tons of electronics, and a kinda of mystic searching zoner loner sound. Wasnt cluttered, wasnt busy, just a super tight vision of unique audio slomo attack. Its what you want slowing aging inside every tiny hidden mystery bermuda triangle of townz. They trump alot of the big wig big ego noizerz out there, and have a pinky length discography....I hope they get chicks, drugz, beer, and FAMOUS.....FULLY." - John Olson

The World Creaks - MOONMILK $8
Described as 'Awesome boy girl duo of the keyboard moaners type.'
Weird distorted sounds made up by various keyboards, tape and microphones, all collide to create music that is haunting, yet beautiful. Nice packaging, hand printed covers. Moonmilk are the team creative behind Tuff Puffin records, fyi.

Star Obsolescence - EXPANSION BAY $14
Nathan Thompson, long standing member of New Zealand based Sandoz Lab Technicians releases his third solo release, first under the Expansion Bay name. Three tracks comprising of various processed instruments, laptop, field recordings and samples taken from various band projects.


As mentioned - Moonmilk are the hands and elbows behind the Tuff Puffin label, who released the immensely popular Garbage and the Flowers cassette - Coronation... which is still available from Cloth Ear Music - here. And now for the second release on Tuff Puffin :

TIRED HANDS - Good Neighbours $7
The second release from the Tuff Puffin label is the excellent solo project of Kell who is one half of Moonmilk. Exploring sounds with traditional instruments and the surrounding environment. Recorded under the flight path with planes and television singing along on the second side. home dubbed cassettes.

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