Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Amazing label run outta Louisville - here are some of the latest and greatest on our shelves...

The Cherry Blossoms - Self Titled LP $24 SOLD OUTHIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Amazing group from Nashville - who describe themselves as "Middle-Tennessee's finest anarchic post neo-skiffle collective specializing in kazoo-exotica." They are the musical heirs of Dock Boggs' visceral holler; they share the true gut-sung honesty of Bosavi guitar band music; they are a Dixie-fried Arkestra with out-of-tune acoustic guitars replacing every saxophone and a kazoo in place of Sun Ra's mellotron. This LP finally brings to proper format their most celebrated and celebratory songs, from interstellar boogie ("Rockin' Rocket Ship") to agitational architectural conservation anthem ("Golden Windows"), The Cherry Blossoms offer the OTHER Nashville Sound...-bvf

Valley of Ashes - cavehill hunters attrition -3xlp (yes..three!) $32 SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT In todays scene of hippy dippy two bit mystic miasmas and self-appointed avatars hung up high on hollow Shangri-La noose-notion-poses, one who plays psychedelic music is hesitant when choosing adjectives. Utter the term freak folk and Vallley Of Ashes might cut yr face. Approach with candor and they might peel back their own skulls and open their minds to you plain and simple -- straight from the gut. Cavehill Hunters Attrition is a sprawling triple LP collection that channels a huge spectrum yet maintains a distinct overall sound of their own that is not at all trying hard to be unique yet at the same time is not looking backward to the past... Louisville's Valley of Ashes is a massive NNCK-style free rock collective with Pete Nolan (Magik Markers and countless others), Kris Abplanalp (who teams with Nolan in Virgin Eye Blood Brothers), Kris' brother Wes, violinist Natalie Thompson, and many others (likely including whoever happened to be crashing on the couch (or park bench) that night)....-bvf +

The Touched - Self Titled 7'' $8

"Holly kaboom! This is a smoker of a punk rock 7”. After one realllllygood Columbus style punker, Louisville’s The Touched snake down into CLE style sprawl and darkness, hucking up punk that has a Pagans stylerecklessness and an Electric Eels kinda lurch. The singer comes from theunhinged school of vocalizing while the guitarist is an absolute fiend!Great record!" - Scott Soriano, SS Records

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