Sunday, December 2, 2007


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IN STOCK NOW! The new and green and fabulous split cassette from Melbourne acts Free Choice (Jarrod Zlatic, one half Fabulous Diamonds) and Super Starkestra (Kieran Hagerty of Deaf! Deaf! and his great pal Esther)

Dont just take our word for it....


....both (sides) are totally Cactus in terms of whacked-out inventiveness and sheer, brilliant conceit.A-side, ‘Aztec Horse Hat’, by Free Choice (aka Jarrod Zlatic), is analogue-electronic, phrase-repetitive and seriously trance-enducing....Imagine Klause Schulze on a crank come down, or Cluster’s Zuckerzeit dubbed to two-track cassette.Super Star’s B-side,’Wandering Frond’, is less abstract but just as heavy on the spaced-out repetition. Esther Edquist lays droning trumpet and vocal mumblings on top Kieran Hegarty’s repeating guitar patterns, and in between there are all sorts of scratches, broken-junk and incidental noises....By Mark Gomes"

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Down by the Lake - INVERTED CRUX

Happy chappy Sean Bailey (aka Lakes and founder of the praised and touted Inverted Crux records) has just popped into the catalogue a few copies of his first self titled release on Chapter in both silkscreened vinyl and mass produced CD! Also a few of the LAST copies of the excellent MAGIC FOOD CD-R that was released earlier this year.

LAKES LP - $18

LAKES CD - $20


Lakes is the trading name of Melbourne punk freaknik Sean Bailey. This is his debut full length. It is a collection of briskly home-recorded distorted pop gems. The sound quality is wonderfully awful; it was recorded on a tape deck.
It has to be said that this is a pretty weird trip. Bailey’s songs seem to blurt out from deep within his psyche. Though he shares some common ground with noted homebodies Jandek and Ariel Pink, Bailey has really tapped into his own seam of lonely strung-out weirdness.
His modus operandi on most tracks seems pretty simple, he summons a pounding Phil Spector like beat from a musty old drum machine and overlays it with distorted organs and guitars. Most of the cuts feature Bailey’s vocals, which vary between unintelligible Ian Curtis spasms and straight up moaning. Track like ‘Xeros’ and ‘Cavern Song’ are genuinely spooky slabs of haunted house melancholy. The album’s poppiest moment is a cover of the Art Bears ‘Song Of Investment Capital Overseas’. Even on this track Bailey’s delivery is borderline psychopathic enough to ensure that it will pretty much never be played on the radio.
This is a uniquely thrilling record, but be warned, it is only for the brave. - cyclic defrost magazine

and the more recent and limited edition...

...The songs on ‘Magic Food’ are cloaked in a rich layered mess of percussive joy, broken guitars and keyboards. The songs find their way through the layers of mud, starching and scraping, expressing a darkness that is coupled with a subtle lightness, bringing forth a bombardment of tonal anxiety and hermit induced weirdness. The cd-r also features a cover version of Gareth Williams (This Heat) and Mary Currries ‘Generous Moon’. Hand made covers, limited to 50, act now! -