Sunday, February 3, 2008



highly recommended stuff coming outta up there.

Look!Pond CD $10:

...Look! Pond hinge their loose structure around the aggressive and seeming spontaneous nature of Matt Kennedy’s squealy, squeaky guitar style. Kennedy meanwhile employs a much pronounced single syllable vocal scream, feeding his frustrations back into an already hostile mix. The rhythm section seems like it’s trailing him at times – both in technique and voice – although that could well be both the intention and point. Highlights here are the melodic charm of ‘Park’ and ‘Village’; a freeform closing piece of arcane beauty that comes in at the 16 minute mark. For a period in the middle during it they sound like they’re beating the notes out on an anvil. - mess+noise magazine

Kitchens Floor - Self titled cassette $6
This is the amazing solo project for Matt Kennedy of Look!Pond (as praised in the above review). Kitchens Floor is.. as described by the article itself ... like no wave folk music for jerks down on their luck. 10 songs of laughably miserable loneliness and heartache captured on a stolen dictaphone. soul music for the soulless.
We here at Clth ear find that a little harsh,even if it came from the kitchens pantry and would ourselves describe it as scruffy, bittersweet downer pop - crafted with 10 licks of the genius whip. But thats why we asked him to write on it first. Listen

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