Saturday, February 23, 2008


This amazing label is run outta New York by the honorable Dave Nuss who gets noisy with No Neck Blues Band - also Amolvacy and Coach Fingers ... we had three more titles ordered but they sold out before we even got them up on site! More coming soon - from Black Dirt Recordings too!

Amolvacy - Self Titled LP - $ 28 SOLD OUT

You just have to see this LP to get excited. Clear vinyl! And then the sounds...whoot! "'At least pray God to give me patience in my suffering.' So concludes 'Lover Go From Hence,' a tale of tumultuous romantic upheaval on the new Amolvacy record Ho-Ho-Kus. Here we have hearts wrenched from guts and firmly planted in the dirt; but also sprouting new romance, seduction, and...the church? And the French? Francois Rabelais wrote Garantua And Pantagruel -- a major influence on this album -- in the early 16th c. to caricature the faux morality of his time. Amolvacy offer Ho-Ho-Kus in the same cantankerous spirit, but this time perhaps to parody their own morality. Love, marriage, sex, affairs, betrayal, and loneliness are all exposed in naked vulnerability and placed on the chopping block for emotional dissection. Lead vocalist Sheila Donovan (ex-Tall Boys) is a longstanding member of the Laboratory Theater Company in NYC, and her partners are Aaron Moore of Volcano the Bear and Dave Nuss of the No-Neck Blues Band. Together they are the Amolvacy family. All things were shared in the making of this record, nothing hidden, no secrets left untold." ...whoa. Its really great.
sold out

NNCK - Nine for Victor CD $24

No-Neck Blues Band are one of those acts that if you like 'em, you pretty much like everything they're going to belch out. It's free improv-pscyh-new-weird-America-jazz-whatever and like their brothers from another mother Sunburned Hand of the Man and Jackie O Motherf**ker ... they do put in a sterling performance here; recorded for the 'International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville' festival which also gave birth to last years breathtaking Wolf Eyes/Anthony Braxton team up, they let rip into some of their noisiest and most genre defying material yet. Flitting from electronic hiccupping to drone to noise and beyond they manage to throw pretty much everything they've accumulated in their wide reaching career into the mix....

CHARLES D SPEER - Past or Beyond 7" $10

Knowing nothing of this band other then their connection to Sunburned Hand of The Man and the No Neck Blues Band, I went to a show of theirs while in Brooklyn this summer expecting some seriously heavy psych. What did I get? Todd P. the infamous NY promoter shouted out "C'mon folks, stand up, this is a rock band" right before their first song began. A rock band for sure, like a real rock band. The kind of stuff you would hear coming out of every live music bar in the South. Drums, guitar, bass, piano, and melodic-but-rough vocals are the tools for these cowboy hat/boot wearing dudes taking a break from their drugged out former projects. Instead they opt for some classic American jams. The A side is reminiscent of Silver Jews with expertly recorded/mixed light rock track. A "feel good" track. The B side is heavier, both aurally and lyrically. Biblical sacrifice references intertwined with screeches and the over tone of building the walls of Jericho out of children. Lonesome traveler silkscreened sleeves top off the wrangler feel.- foxydigitalisalso made the top 7''s list of 2007 @

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Amazing label run outta Louisville - here are some of the latest and greatest on our shelves...

The Cherry Blossoms - Self Titled LP $24 SOLD OUTHIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Amazing group from Nashville - who describe themselves as "Middle-Tennessee's finest anarchic post neo-skiffle collective specializing in kazoo-exotica." They are the musical heirs of Dock Boggs' visceral holler; they share the true gut-sung honesty of Bosavi guitar band music; they are a Dixie-fried Arkestra with out-of-tune acoustic guitars replacing every saxophone and a kazoo in place of Sun Ra's mellotron. This LP finally brings to proper format their most celebrated and celebratory songs, from interstellar boogie ("Rockin' Rocket Ship") to agitational architectural conservation anthem ("Golden Windows"), The Cherry Blossoms offer the OTHER Nashville Sound...-bvf

Valley of Ashes - cavehill hunters attrition -3xlp (yes..three!) $32 SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT In todays scene of hippy dippy two bit mystic miasmas and self-appointed avatars hung up high on hollow Shangri-La noose-notion-poses, one who plays psychedelic music is hesitant when choosing adjectives. Utter the term freak folk and Vallley Of Ashes might cut yr face. Approach with candor and they might peel back their own skulls and open their minds to you plain and simple -- straight from the gut. Cavehill Hunters Attrition is a sprawling triple LP collection that channels a huge spectrum yet maintains a distinct overall sound of their own that is not at all trying hard to be unique yet at the same time is not looking backward to the past... Louisville's Valley of Ashes is a massive NNCK-style free rock collective with Pete Nolan (Magik Markers and countless others), Kris Abplanalp (who teams with Nolan in Virgin Eye Blood Brothers), Kris' brother Wes, violinist Natalie Thompson, and many others (likely including whoever happened to be crashing on the couch (or park bench) that night)....-bvf +

The Touched - Self Titled 7'' $8

"Holly kaboom! This is a smoker of a punk rock 7”. After one realllllygood Columbus style punker, Louisville’s The Touched snake down into CLE style sprawl and darkness, hucking up punk that has a Pagans stylerecklessness and an Electric Eels kinda lurch. The singer comes from theunhinged school of vocalizing while the guitarist is an absolute fiend!Great record!" - Scott Soriano, SS Records

Monday, February 18, 2008


Here are some more Siltbreeze releases coming on thru:

THE DEAD C: If yr unawares of this NZ supergroup (perhaps an ill choice of wording there..but they certainly are super and definately not singular)... get up to speed with this article 'ere : 'ere.
ALL CD FORMAT and all $24AUD ea.

The Dead C - The White House

The Dead C - Tusk

The Dead C - Trapdoor Fucking Exit

The Pin Group - Retrospective : $22.

Also the AMAZING Pin Group retrospective which rolls in at #86 on the Siltbreeze catalogue - The Pin Group are captured here on the Flying Nun b'twixt 81-84 - and this collection monitors their shift from dirgy, lo-fi, dark Joy Div-esque pop to a cleaner brighter later years. Includes a cover of the Red Krayolas Hurricane Fighter Plane and Wars Low Rider. Its fucking gold I tell you. HIGHLY recommended.

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Hurrah! New stock in from Siltbreeze records - based in Philly, US. Siltbreeze has a long standing dedication to releasing and distributing excellent records. From the nineties putting out Dead C , Guided By Voices, Alastair Galbraith, Strapping Fieldhands etc. Really, the very best. 2007 was a biggin for Siltbreeze - and we've got the best releases thus far on the shelves. Very limited numbers, so move it! NB To customers in Australia - if there is something that hasnt come in yet from the siltbreeze catalog you might be interested -email us and we can order it.

Starting with:

Pink Reason - Cleaning the Mirror (vinyl only) $25

...Surface listens find Cleaning the Mirror in league with a type of lo-fi aesthetic that lines up with the early 1990s and their impending revival, right down to the reactivated Siltbreeze imprint whose name this album bears. Labels like Shrimper and Road Cone built their lowercase aesthetics on drowsy, hand-produced cassette releases by groups like Bugskull and Refrigerator, two examples in particular that share in the charred, dented-can charms that Pink Reason reproduces. The twice-removed alienation that drove groups like Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Lycia merit reference as well for the replicated crawling crush and apocalyptic melancholy gathering at their stone feet. That these songs are essentially loose blues-based mantras separate Pink Reason from much of the forlorn pack. That de Broux uses three singing voices (one jarring and awkward, on “Dead End,” the record’s most upbeat offering, another a Mick Jagger-esque drawl, and a third a recently-awoken moan that allows itself to sink below the music into mystery and incomprehension) distances itself further. -

Sapat - Mortise and Tenon (lp and cd) $25

Spawned from the formidable Louisville, KY collective known as Black Velvet Fuckere (Valley Of The Ashes, Phantom Family Halo, Kark, etc.), Sapat resides as the centrifugal force in this Midwestern psychedelic madrigal set in the psychosexual backwaters of the mighty Ohio River. For the entirety of the '00 decade, members have kept busy collaborating with and/or massaging the egos of various and sundry avant-pontiffs such as Robert Fripp, Magik Markers, Dead Child (David Pajo's metal band. That's right, David Pajo!) and Eugene Chadbourne -- when not honing the orgone energy of Sapat.

Airy and pristinely recorded in a comfortable mid-fi that’s been heretofore unknown in the annals of the label’s back catalogue, Mortise and Tenon rarely falters. Captured here is a band that understands the limitations inherent in Nth generation psych rehash, and rather than pine for a long-gone zeitgeist, these eight hunker down with a batch of supple tunes that play to admirable strengths and a keen, intuitive knowledge of how to mine a generally tapped mainline in all the right ways. Miles away from the band’s still excellent debut, Sapat’s inaugural full-length shuffles the cards and deals a hand steeped in rich tradition that never once sounds like a haphazard pastiche.

NB: also voted as one of the top records of 07 by the folks at - clth

Psychedelic Horseshit - Magic Flowers Drowned (lp and cd) $25

The sounds on Magic Flowers Droned captures the rickety skeletal pop of Step Forward-era Fall, the lo-fi fuzz of Swell Maps, and static noblesse of Slay Tracks-era Pavement. Is that classical enough for ya? For sure, this full-length debut is no Parsifal, but to these guys, sometimes a spear is just a spear and The Holy Grail is a movie made by Monty Python. The sounds on Magic Flowers Droned captures the rickety skeletal pop of Step Forward-era Fall, the lo-fi fuzz of Swell Maps, and static noblesse of Slay Tracks-era Pavement. Is that classical enough for ya? For sure, this full-length debut is no Parsifal, but to these guys, sometimes a spear is just a spear and The Holy Grail is a movie made by Monty Python.

LP/VINYL: SOLD OUT email us for vinyl order!


Ex- Cocaine - Esta Guerra (vinyl only! ltd pressing of 500) $25

"Forged in the Garden City (that's Missoula, Montana to you, piker), Ex-Cocaine is the formidable, sneer-wielding duo of Bryan Ramirez (guitars, effects, vocals) and Mike C (percussion, hexes, spells). Their debut LP from 2005, Keep America Mellow (on Ramirez's Killertree label) brought to light heavy august vibes steeped in the tippled, woodbine 'n' cider electro-folk of Michael Chapman, Steve Peregrine Took, Roy Harper, and other more reclusive Anglo biscuit-snuffers whose works haunt the archives of Kissing Spell and Shadoks. On their second effort, Ex-Cocaine throw down hard, evoking a gnarled bonfire with flames that roar thunderously like the detuned, rockist clang of Dead C's Harsh '70s Reality, and burns evenly like the smelted, Rust Belt psychedelia of Stone Harbour's Emerges. Vinyl-only and limited, the sparks are flying off this one already. Catch it if you can. Working pretty much from a template of congas and electric fuzz, these heavy mellow bros conjure up swirling eddies of lo-fi, DIY psych that are pretty unbeatable. Were we to have a seance--or simply break out a Ouija Board--to investigate previous blazers of their trail, we might see, hear or spell out such luminaries as Steve Peregrine Took, Stone Harbour, Parameter, Tim Buckley or (Jandek's) Units."

Monday, February 4, 2008

Cabaret Collado

Cabaret Collado - fragments from a software driven mechanism

This is the new cdr from Brazillian born, Sydney based Cabaret Collado aka. Rodrigo! Beautiful clean home recordings of abstract sounds and compositions - xref Silver Apples, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, John Cage etc. Improv/exp/concrete/folk etc. Very rich and refined sounds as can be experienced here.
Some words from the man himself:
I am one man observing and absorbing information from many different origins by rustic methods. Streching the possibilities of sound, I try to turn sound into instrument, exploring improvisation and melody over a 'bed' of pre-recorded material. I started recording my solo material between the years of 1997 and 1998 with prepared acoustic guitar, a cassette player and a 3 band short wave tuner.
FRAGMENTS FROM A SOFTWARE DRIVEN MECHANISM is the first solid material to be released after almost a decade.

FYI: Rodrigo also runs extra-ordinary label Aparelho M.O.S. which can be found with sounds here.

Sunday, February 3, 2008



highly recommended stuff coming outta up there.

Look!Pond CD $10:

...Look! Pond hinge their loose structure around the aggressive and seeming spontaneous nature of Matt Kennedy’s squealy, squeaky guitar style. Kennedy meanwhile employs a much pronounced single syllable vocal scream, feeding his frustrations back into an already hostile mix. The rhythm section seems like it’s trailing him at times – both in technique and voice – although that could well be both the intention and point. Highlights here are the melodic charm of ‘Park’ and ‘Village’; a freeform closing piece of arcane beauty that comes in at the 16 minute mark. For a period in the middle during it they sound like they’re beating the notes out on an anvil. - mess+noise magazine

Kitchens Floor - Self titled cassette $6
This is the amazing solo project for Matt Kennedy of Look!Pond (as praised in the above review). Kitchens Floor is.. as described by the article itself ... like no wave folk music for jerks down on their luck. 10 songs of laughably miserable loneliness and heartache captured on a stolen dictaphone. soul music for the soulless.
We here at Clth ear find that a little harsh,even if it came from the kitchens pantry and would ourselves describe it as scruffy, bittersweet downer pop - crafted with 10 licks of the genius whip. But thats why we asked him to write on it first. Listen

Spanish Magic - Moonmilk - Tired Hands


Run by the brothers CASTINGS, Spanish Magic is a helluva label with a helluva lot of good releases. Run out of a scruffy warehouse in Sydney, Spanish Magics' repetoire ranges from free noise to ambient to psychedelic rock etc.. some more things are on the way, but for now we have

Punk Rock is Bunk Squawk - CASTINGS $8

Read this lil ol' review from John Olson of Dead Machines/ Wolf Eyes
"CASTINGZ= everyone weird is from a small town, puts fuel in they music brain damage cells of strange-nezz....but fucking NEWCASTLE AUSTRAILIA?Makes Up North Michigan look like a SKY MALL. When the boyz were there it was nothing but soccer fights, empty buildings, dry streets, and CASTINGS. They had no fans there, said they been around for 5+ years= nothing. No chicks, no beer, no drugz, nada. But they did have a super strange weirdo lurch vibe going down. Six or seven underground types with tons of electronics, and a kinda of mystic searching zoner loner sound. Wasnt cluttered, wasnt busy, just a super tight vision of unique audio slomo attack. Its what you want slowing aging inside every tiny hidden mystery bermuda triangle of townz. They trump alot of the big wig big ego noizerz out there, and have a pinky length discography....I hope they get chicks, drugz, beer, and FAMOUS.....FULLY." - John Olson

The World Creaks - MOONMILK $8
Described as 'Awesome boy girl duo of the keyboard moaners type.'
Weird distorted sounds made up by various keyboards, tape and microphones, all collide to create music that is haunting, yet beautiful. Nice packaging, hand printed covers. Moonmilk are the team creative behind Tuff Puffin records, fyi.

Star Obsolescence - EXPANSION BAY $14
Nathan Thompson, long standing member of New Zealand based Sandoz Lab Technicians releases his third solo release, first under the Expansion Bay name. Three tracks comprising of various processed instruments, laptop, field recordings and samples taken from various band projects.


As mentioned - Moonmilk are the hands and elbows behind the Tuff Puffin label, who released the immensely popular Garbage and the Flowers cassette - Coronation... which is still available from Cloth Ear Music - here. And now for the second release on Tuff Puffin :

TIRED HANDS - Good Neighbours $7
The second release from the Tuff Puffin label is the excellent solo project of Kell who is one half of Moonmilk. Exploring sounds with traditional instruments and the surrounding environment. Recorded under the flight path with planes and television singing along on the second side. home dubbed cassettes.