Monday, March 31, 2008

Always - F.I.S.T

Always is Alex Vivian, a free vocalist residing in Sydney, Australia. Entirely a capella, F.I.S.T. is a collection of pulsating and intense vocal noise, pieced together into primitive soundscapes. Influenced by operatic and Celtic cries, tribal/jungle rhythms, disposable white label techno and the infinite nature of free noise, Vivian's sound is created using two delay pedals' loops that feed from one another, creating new rhythms and layers through repetition and vocal interpretations of organic sounds, performed completely live and improvised... Ideas are created on the spot, which feed off themselves and mutate in different directions, resulting in accidental rhythms and opening the mind to unexplored territory. Released on the Nervous Jerk label of Melbourne. -KRECS.COM

Daniel Menche - Glass Forest

Noisester Daniel Menche of Portland graced our shores recently - carving up a path of distortion, drone and destruction with his wired up iron wand of sound. He left behind a trail of merchandise which was snapped up by many at the shows he played - if you missed out, you can grab a copy of Glass Forest ere..

Glass Forest is a highly listenable starting point for any
newcomers curious about Daniel Menche's vast discography. It is also, according to Menche, the last cd he will release. From now on he'll be releasing his music on LP only or on DVD to accompany films he's been working on...
Recorded in the winter of 2005, Daniel Menches Glass Forest displays a glistening sound world that finely textured with the most delicate of raw organic sound and chaotic electronic noise. Not at all extreme as with Menches previous work but rather a more subtle presence can be heard here on Glass Forest. Subsonic bass drums crawling underneath a massive sheets of glass-like sound layering infinitely into a thick and dense forest of delicate noise. For fans of Daniel Menche's ambient work and also his loud violent work, Glass Forest fits exactly right in the middle of these two polarities. -

Say Cheese and Die LP!

Sydney DIY punksters SAY CHEESE AND DIE are over. To celebrate their legacy, they have left us a ltd edition 10"pressing of their album 'Repetition Repetition'. Say Cheese and Die have been manufacturing their unique breed of bratty, surf inspired punk rock for three years - and have had to disband as member Dice Boey is off to Japan for keeps! They will be well missed!
You can find S.C.A.D here...
NB. and whilst you can buy their record from Clth Ear Music - you can download it for free from their site :

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Hello all - another package from Siltbreeze (Philadelphia, US) just dropped outta the sky... heres what we gots:

Pink Reason - Cleaning the Mirror (BACK IN STOCK!)

...Surface listens find Cleaning the Mirror in league with a type of lo-fi aesthetic that lines up with the early 1990s and their impending revival, right down to the reactivated Siltbreeze imprint whose name this album bears. Labels like Shrimper and Road Cone built their lowercase aesthetics on drowsy, hand-produced cassette releases by groups like Bugskull and Refrigerator, two examples in particular that share in the charred, dented-can charms that Pink Reason reproduces. The twice-removed alienation that drove groups like Black Tape for a Blue Girl and Lycia merit reference as well for the replicated crawling crush and apocalyptic melancholy gathering at their stone feet. That these songs are essentially loose blues-based mantras separate Pink Reason from much of the forlorn pack. That de Broux uses three singing voices (one jarring and awkward, on “Dead End,” the record’s most upbeat offering, another a Mick Jagger-esque drawl, and a third a recently-awoken moan that allows itself to sink below the music into mystery and incomprehension) distances itself further. -

Harry Pussy - Ride A Dove
Excellent 1996 album... here are some warm words from a mad keen fan who looks after their myspace fansite:

Harry Pussy was a rock band from Miami, active from 1992 to 1997. Featuring Bill Orcutt on guitar and vocals, Adris Hoyos on drums and vocals, briefly Ian Steinberg on accordion, and later either Mark Feehan or Dan Hosker on second guitar, the band recorded primarily for the Siltbreeze label.
Harry Pussy was often grouped together with what were termed "noise" bands, though the term hardly does them justice. Orcutt's unique but highly developed approach to the guitar along with Hoyos impassioned attack of her drumkit place the band more directly in a lineage of rock and jazz.
The band conveyed values of uncompromising aestheticism and self-reliance as an alternative to the passive consumerism offered by mainstream 'alternative' rock of the era. Their ecstatic celebrations of life were often violent and sexually charged. Their legacy continues to inspire creative self-development among the current dedicated practitioners of rock and roll.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Terracid SKIES CD

Terracid - Skies CD $12
An eightball of swallowed volumes and hippy rockwork for the wingless . spiraling drift thread thin like minute spider webs until the floor becomes the sky. New release for Kyogles Terracid. The last we received here sold out quick sticks so ... get into it. Amazing recording.


Ian Wadley - Oslo Solo $12
Second solo release from ian wadley (ex-BirdBlobs guitarist and recently drumming for 6 Organs of Admittance & Mick Turner & Jandek amongst others), ianw oslo solo is a sometimes-minimalist
non-rhythmically loop-driven psychedelic drift through surf guitar, pre-classical melodies, short-wave noise & western twang film themes,
ideas for songs rising, crashing then receding. No voice just guitar,
recorded live in Norway mid-2006.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lots extra from DNT, LA

Due to popular demand - Shepherds are back in stock! We have been sent a few final copies of the Bush Babies 7" which was snapped up within weeks when it was first got in many months ago....

Shepherds - Bush Babies 7" $8
Ahhhh here is a record one hopes to stumble upon: A totally satisfying, even inspiring, piece of out sound. Shepards on this disk is a duo and that is a mindfuck of a revelation once the music starts. Primitive yet sonically deep free jazz which grows with each listen, "Bush Babies" is one long song split over two sides. Using tapes, Shepherds create layers of horns which fade in and out of the mix, as well as guitar squalls and random noises which puncture and build. Somewhere there is a piano or a tape of a piano slowly decomposing. On top of these sheets lurk the drums, which slowly move and churn with restlessness but never break wild ‘n loud. The drummer’s restraint and the layering of the horns so that they sound like they were recorded in a distant room is either dumb luck or shows that these guys have considerable smarts when it comes to how to make a great free jazz record. More often than not the indoid dabblers of free jazz fail to grasp subtly, sonic depth, that tension and energy can be created by restraint, and that less is more. Shepherds seem to have caught on, at least for this record. A+." -SS (Z-Gun

ps. white vinyl in stock! - clth


Gang Wizard - I remember you from the party at Long Beach $8

" angelic force, delivering a unique thrash-bliss sound to the world. Sparkeling synths and homemade glitter electronics are combined with whirlwind drums, screaming vocals, and aluminum spring guitars. A fantasy of blindness cycling through your lungs." members of foot village, rose for bohdan, and many other bands.
Its catasrophic and cacophonic. You can find them out 'ere.