Monday, February 18, 2008


Here are some more Siltbreeze releases coming on thru:

THE DEAD C: If yr unawares of this NZ supergroup (perhaps an ill choice of wording there..but they certainly are super and definately not singular)... get up to speed with this article 'ere : 'ere.
ALL CD FORMAT and all $24AUD ea.

The Dead C - The White House

The Dead C - Tusk

The Dead C - Trapdoor Fucking Exit

The Pin Group - Retrospective : $22.

Also the AMAZING Pin Group retrospective which rolls in at #86 on the Siltbreeze catalogue - The Pin Group are captured here on the Flying Nun b'twixt 81-84 - and this collection monitors their shift from dirgy, lo-fi, dark Joy Div-esque pop to a cleaner brighter later years. Includes a cover of the Red Krayolas Hurricane Fighter Plane and Wars Low Rider. Its fucking gold I tell you. HIGHLY recommended.

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