Monday, February 4, 2008

Cabaret Collado

Cabaret Collado - fragments from a software driven mechanism

This is the new cdr from Brazillian born, Sydney based Cabaret Collado aka. Rodrigo! Beautiful clean home recordings of abstract sounds and compositions - xref Silver Apples, Terry Riley, Steve Reich, John Cage etc. Improv/exp/concrete/folk etc. Very rich and refined sounds as can be experienced here.
Some words from the man himself:
I am one man observing and absorbing information from many different origins by rustic methods. Streching the possibilities of sound, I try to turn sound into instrument, exploring improvisation and melody over a 'bed' of pre-recorded material. I started recording my solo material between the years of 1997 and 1998 with prepared acoustic guitar, a cassette player and a 3 band short wave tuner.
FRAGMENTS FROM A SOFTWARE DRIVEN MECHANISM is the first solid material to be released after almost a decade.

FYI: Rodrigo also runs extra-ordinary label Aparelho M.O.S. which can be found with sounds here.

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