Saturday, February 23, 2008


This amazing label is run outta New York by the honorable Dave Nuss who gets noisy with No Neck Blues Band - also Amolvacy and Coach Fingers ... we had three more titles ordered but they sold out before we even got them up on site! More coming soon - from Black Dirt Recordings too!

Amolvacy - Self Titled LP - $ 28 SOLD OUT

You just have to see this LP to get excited. Clear vinyl! And then the sounds...whoot! "'At least pray God to give me patience in my suffering.' So concludes 'Lover Go From Hence,' a tale of tumultuous romantic upheaval on the new Amolvacy record Ho-Ho-Kus. Here we have hearts wrenched from guts and firmly planted in the dirt; but also sprouting new romance, seduction, and...the church? And the French? Francois Rabelais wrote Garantua And Pantagruel -- a major influence on this album -- in the early 16th c. to caricature the faux morality of his time. Amolvacy offer Ho-Ho-Kus in the same cantankerous spirit, but this time perhaps to parody their own morality. Love, marriage, sex, affairs, betrayal, and loneliness are all exposed in naked vulnerability and placed on the chopping block for emotional dissection. Lead vocalist Sheila Donovan (ex-Tall Boys) is a longstanding member of the Laboratory Theater Company in NYC, and her partners are Aaron Moore of Volcano the Bear and Dave Nuss of the No-Neck Blues Band. Together they are the Amolvacy family. All things were shared in the making of this record, nothing hidden, no secrets left untold." ...whoa. Its really great.
sold out

NNCK - Nine for Victor CD $24

No-Neck Blues Band are one of those acts that if you like 'em, you pretty much like everything they're going to belch out. It's free improv-pscyh-new-weird-America-jazz-whatever and like their brothers from another mother Sunburned Hand of the Man and Jackie O Motherf**ker ... they do put in a sterling performance here; recorded for the 'International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville' festival which also gave birth to last years breathtaking Wolf Eyes/Anthony Braxton team up, they let rip into some of their noisiest and most genre defying material yet. Flitting from electronic hiccupping to drone to noise and beyond they manage to throw pretty much everything they've accumulated in their wide reaching career into the mix....

CHARLES D SPEER - Past or Beyond 7" $10

Knowing nothing of this band other then their connection to Sunburned Hand of The Man and the No Neck Blues Band, I went to a show of theirs while in Brooklyn this summer expecting some seriously heavy psych. What did I get? Todd P. the infamous NY promoter shouted out "C'mon folks, stand up, this is a rock band" right before their first song began. A rock band for sure, like a real rock band. The kind of stuff you would hear coming out of every live music bar in the South. Drums, guitar, bass, piano, and melodic-but-rough vocals are the tools for these cowboy hat/boot wearing dudes taking a break from their drugged out former projects. Instead they opt for some classic American jams. The A side is reminiscent of Silver Jews with expertly recorded/mixed light rock track. A "feel good" track. The B side is heavier, both aurally and lyrically. Biblical sacrifice references intertwined with screeches and the over tone of building the walls of Jericho out of children. Lonesome traveler silkscreened sleeves top off the wrangler feel.- foxydigitalisalso made the top 7''s list of 2007 @


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