Sunday, November 18, 2007

New stock from DNT! Just in!

The fine folk at DNT have sent thru some juicy releases for your listening pleasure - LIMITED NUMBERS AVAILABLE!!
Shepherds 7'' BUSH BABIES - IS SOLD OUT!

Gay Beast Disrobics LP $15


DNT 2nd Bday Caked Paradise Zine and Compilation CD! $12

A beautifully packaged compilation of some of the killer artists on DNT and a nifty lil' zine with a year in reviews, special artworks, stories and the like. Sweet!

"...This one tops it for certain. Drone cake batter by Warmth & Quilts. Psychedelic icing by Moonmilk. The socks that grandma always gives you by German. Stringed folk-balloons by The North Sea & Nomen Dubium. Pink the tail on the donkey by Plankton Wat. Melted ice cream by The Mighty Acts of God. Art by: Puff & Magic, Dean Sullivan, Zach McCraw of Night Wound fame, Matt Maceda, and Zach Fleming. Writing by DJ Rick (Art for Spastics), Eric Hesson (maan), Matt Maceda, and Jon Isaac plus reviews of the past years releases, by Z-Gun, Animal Psi, Britt Brown of Cassette Gods & more. Plus then it's like, flip to the back bro and pop in the disk (remember when 'disc' was spelled with a k? what changed that?). Anyway, full-color art for some of it, black ink-colored paper for the rest of it. In a 'dvd' case with birthday stencils and invisible cake. Hand numbered out of 150. Eat up!" -

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