Saturday, September 22, 2007


On our shelves at present:

Garbage and the Flowers/Entlang - Coronation cassette $7

First release on Sydney label Tuff Puffin, Coronation is a collection of early recordings by New Zealands very own Velvet Underground (well we think so anyways)- The Garbage and the Flowers. Having been in operation for over 13 years - Coronation includes tracks also recorded under the preceeding lineup of the band Entlang. The delicate and balanced delivery of this group testifies to their true genius. A beautiful release - highly recommended. TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT


Knitted Abyss - Self Titled CDR $7

First release on Sydney label Intense Nest as well as for psych folk trance duo Knitted Abyss - having formed only in the early months of 2007. Four successive jam tracks of sweltering acoustic fuzz and loops, melodian, percussion and punctuated by the lovely vocals of Lucy Phelan (also member of Naked on the Vague). temporarily sold out


All releases from Melbournes Sabbatical label are now $12 a piece! Yeow.

Naked on the Vague - Sad Sun - TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT

Naked On The Vague are thrillingly deep in a woods all their own on Sad Sun – a new EP on rising Melbourne label, Sabbatical Records. No one in the country makes claim to as spectrally macabre or chilly territory as this eerie Sydney duo right now, whose sound has moved from bracing synth punk (see DualPlover debut 7") to a full-blown Gothic expression of cosmic dread on this, only their second release. Atmosphere is all-important here; a subtle attitude of awed listening persists as if for the scratching of unknown, outside shapes at the universe's out most, darkest rim. - Mark Gomes, Threethousand

Maximum Awesome - Self Titled

Maximum Awesome began in 2004 as an expression of mutual understanding and friendship between Jarrod Zlatic and Michael Bray. Sporadic bursts of activity due to continental drifts. Recent jams and shows from February to August 2007 in Australia resulted in a bunch of new "subjective reconstructions (ie: "Techno", "Middle Eastern", "Heavy Kraut") and ultimately in our first album, recorded live for Sabbatical.

Absoluten Calfeutrail - Total Scum Materials

Total Scum Materials is the debut solo release from Northcote resident Mark Groves (Whitehorse, True Radical Miracle). Recorded during Semester 2 2006, synth-muck, spring reverb cracks and MS20 headaches characterize these demented Vangelis gunk bursts and Frostwave tantrums.-

Moffarfarrah - Little More

Mof Far Far Rah is Christopher LG Hill, member of numerous units (Bohemian Knights, Paeces, KkrissKkristofiston, Dumb Crystals) associated with Sean Bailey’s Inverted Crux label. Little More is Chris’ first full length as Mof Far Far Rah, following a series of self released CDRs (and several variations on his moniker)...

these 75 growing odds and ends reaches from fragments of necro-growl through Eye-shriek to reverb-drenched moans and onward. By number 75 growth reaches a whopping thirty seconds, but is then dwarfed by 51 minutes of a monolithic planet teeming with gorgeous commotion. -

Bone Sherriff - Moonee Ponds

Bone Sheriff is Robert Mayson (Grey Daturas, Whitehorse, EOH, It's Is, Maggoted) and Simon Taylor (Whitehorse, Malakat, EOH, Hommes). Three extended pieces comprise Moonee Ponds, recorded late night by Marcus Cook at Head Gap studios in Preston late 2006. Moonee Ponds follows Huh Again, a 2006 3”CDR on Mayson’s own Diagnosis… Don’t! label. Contrabass, mandolin, melodica, ride cymbal, Stones Green Ginger Wine, splash cymbal, Turkish wok, floor tom, keytar, lap steel, tone generator, Coopers Sparkling Ale, broken amplifier, contact microphones, ring modulator.

Aux Assembly - Even cowgirls get dementia

Five apparitions, five hazy hallucinations borne from considered gesture and calm contemplation. Even Cowgirls Get Dementia is the debut release from duo Aux Assembly - Elise Bishop (On, Badcopbadcop) and Dimitra (Archaic Forms). ...primarily a tranquil affair, the tempest associated with the previous output of these artists is given some opportunity for release, creeping up slowly in the ascending drone of ‘Accordion Madness’ and crashing down in the concluding feedback squalls of ‘Battlesub Galactica’. -

True Radical Miracle -
Roaches Parts 1 and 2

A companion piece to the 2006 full length album Cockroaches (Missing Link), two-track EP Roaches (SBB001) collects improvised material generated during the Cockroaches sessions with Neil Thomason and Brent Punshon at Sing Sing South in late 2005. This side of True Radical Miracle is rarely seen, and in fact has only been attempted publicly once in Brisbane as a part of a national tour surrounding the release of Cockroaches. The two numerically-titled pieces comprising the Roaches EP are devoid of vocal input from Mark Groves, opting instead here for simple effected oscillators, and drummer Evelyn Morris shifts to piano, exploiting various elements of the instrument. Leith Thomas allows his bass to rumble...Scott O’Hara revisits the diminutive guitar manipulations not heard since his early solo recordings and collaborations in Adelaide. -

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