Friday, June 13, 2008


Hello all - we here at Clth Ear had a splendid break in the USA and thank all those who accommodated, fuelled, wined and dined us - a very fine hospitality was show and many lovely folks met xx

And now back with the goods! Expect several posts through the beginnings of this week and check older releases in posts past for restocks!!
- clth

Alasehir - Philosophy of Living Fire LP (vinyl only)

Alasehir is the trio of Michael Gibbons, John Gibbons, and Jason Kourkounis, otherwise known as three-fifths of Bardo Pond. Philosophy of Living Fire continues their sonic exploration of dense, languorous, free expansion. Their third release, following a CD apiece for the Important and aRCHIVE labels, Billowing and exploding like a cluster of hashish stars, the three instrumental tracks produce a cosmic energy akin to a quasar in the heavens far left of Coltrane's OM and just right of the galaxy known as Dead C's Harsh '70s Reality. Released in a one-time edition of 1000 LPs, this is the rocket ride into the outer stratum at which their previous CDs only hinted. So climb aboard and let Alasehir's Philosophy Of Living Fire be your 2007: A Space Odyssey. -

Eat Skull - Sick to death (vinyl only)
*highly recommended*
Biscuit crumbs and tea stains be damned, Eat Skull are a quartet hailing from Portland, Oregon, co-masterminded by Rob Enbom (former bushwacker in the ranks of Hospitals and Hole Class) and another original Hospital, Rod Meyer (the greatest living genius of punk). Previous Eat Skull efforts include a cassette-only EP and a pair of 7-inches, all of which might be out of print. Like their brethren and forebears, Eat Skull runs a post pattern deep beyond pop and punk. They bring to the game an extrasensory appreciation of New Zealand's South Island Sound (Great Unwashed, Axemen), Cleveland art-damage skronk (Modern Art Studio, X-X), and the wretched excess of forgotten Midwest hardcore (Stiff Legged Sheep, Chemotherapy). In other words, just what you need! - insound
Sick to Death has got a handful of its own anthems, too. Good ones. Poppy ones. Its 14 tracks hustle by in spurts of creative freedom, fueled by alcohol and a lack of money, and of course, drenched in gouts of lo-fi

Naked on the Vague - Blood Pressure Sessions (Vinyl only)
Comprised of keyboardist Lucy Cliché, bassist Matthew P. Hopkins, and a drum machine, Naked on the Vague churn out stripped-down and monotonous post-punk. The rhythms are primitive; the most animated songs rely on little more than the incessant thud of a bass drum... Naked on the Vague also have a penchant for dubby textures that have more in common with the current Fuck It Tapes school of psychedelic music than to no wave. ...The Blood Pressure Sessions is an enhancement of an idea started a long time ago. During the 80s, bands responded to poverty, vacuous culture, and bad government with music that was appropriately nihilistic. It's not surprising that Naked on the Vague have been able to tap into that mindset 20 years later; the more things change, the more they stay the same

Fabulous Diamonds - 7 Songs (vinyl only)
Minimal psychniks Fabulous Diamonds release their debut longplayer, 7 Songs, this week, and - as befits one of Melbourne's most idiomatic acts - it's a stoned cold stunner. With maximal overdubbing, longer length tracks and lush, atmospheric tape production, the duo sound more weighty and affective here than ever; their delay-on-everything style, swirling tiers of dub percussion, skronking sax and chanted vocals intensified by close analogue studio attention. Thankfully for fans, the results - though less minimal than we're used to with FDs - retain all the otherworldly spirit of their popular, free-core live performance. -Mark Gomes

Oper Arizone Nafta - Cavuru (vinyl only)
Located within the Trapani Province of Sicily, OPER'AZIONE NAFTA considers their self-described "un-rock" as "a blowjob from Luigi Russolo." There's little doubt the great Futurist author of the The Art Of Noises manifesto would be anything but chuffed by such salacious bravado. Indeed, the trio pours on the racket and sounds like they were hatched in a custom-built Russolo intonarumori. Successfully putting the on back in bonkers, Oper'azione Nafta doles out only The Berserk, which might be why, at any given time, their unstoppable onslaught taps into rock / improv fizz a la Sun City Girls, Etron Fou Leloublan or the Butthole Surfers, various FMP blat, and MEV-like electronic scramble. When they claim "We are Oper'azione Nafta and we kill Bambi!" who among us would question it? Besides, a nice bowl of Sicilian-styled venison ragout would really hit the spot. Released in a vinyl-only, one-time edition of 500, Cavuru is the band's debut release."

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