Wednesday, April 16, 2008


We have just had a swathe of releases land in the Cloth Ear nest from the kind folk at Bunyip Trax label run outta Melbourne, Victoria by this nice chappy..

Krystoffkrustoffiston Cassette

"drawing some degree of inspiration from the black stream (though concerned more with depressive ambience over hammering repetition), duo Kkriskristoffiston are just as likely to disgust BM purists. A Door as a Substitute for Two Doors (self released CS) is a series of subterranean environments, marked out by lingering guitar lines and ghostly shrieks. Movement here is oppressively sluggish, though familiar doom metal moves do not figure as touchstones; the absence of titanic bass tones points to this. Looping electronics are deployed throughout at opportune intervals, infusing the cavernous spaces and adding an early industrial dimension. In the end however yawning space and reverberation are unmistakably the primary areas of concern"

SHAWL - PreveilCDR

Ambient blackend electronics recorded beneath damp cloth blankets, Embrace winter with double suicide, to be reborn in the light of summer some later day! Feat. christopher lg hill of moffarfarrah


Paeces-Toffy crushing waves of percusive carnaval amist dust storms of microscopic doves and macroscopic hounds. Recorded live at the Toff in Melbourne.


Two live recordings from Melbourne folk/sound/free form flux faves PAECES. More birds aflutter, but on british greens and early industrial meat grindings. wavering bullroars and darkwave drudge. One track recorded live at the Palais in Melbourne, as part of a night curated by Australian sound heavy Marco Fusinato, and the second track lifted from a live performance at Melbournes Forepaw gallery.

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