Monday, March 31, 2008

Daniel Menche - Glass Forest

Noisester Daniel Menche of Portland graced our shores recently - carving up a path of distortion, drone and destruction with his wired up iron wand of sound. He left behind a trail of merchandise which was snapped up by many at the shows he played - if you missed out, you can grab a copy of Glass Forest ere..

Glass Forest is a highly listenable starting point for any
newcomers curious about Daniel Menche's vast discography. It is also, according to Menche, the last cd he will release. From now on he'll be releasing his music on LP only or on DVD to accompany films he's been working on...
Recorded in the winter of 2005, Daniel Menches Glass Forest displays a glistening sound world that finely textured with the most delicate of raw organic sound and chaotic electronic noise. Not at all extreme as with Menches previous work but rather a more subtle presence can be heard here on Glass Forest. Subsonic bass drums crawling underneath a massive sheets of glass-like sound layering infinitely into a thick and dense forest of delicate noise. For fans of Daniel Menche's ambient work and also his loud violent work, Glass Forest fits exactly right in the middle of these two polarities. -

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