Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Pleased to announce that The Spring Press - the new label and book publisher run out of Sydney - has stocked us up with their recently released Magik Markers LP.. it has been very popular...

"Our first release by Hartford, Connecticut outfit Magik Markers is out now. The beautiful 12" LP [featuring artwork by Pete Nolan] contains the best Markers free rock meanderings youre bound to hear. The current lineup consisting of Elisa Ambrogio & Pete Nolan sees Steve Gunn (General Head Quarters) & Josh Burkett (Joshua, The Believers) pitching in on the new material. The record is in a strictly limited edition of 250 copies. Excited? So are we. Tracklisting: Relax In a Panic Free Atmosphere [10.39] (lIve at Smell, LA), Come Back to the Five & Dime, Tex Watkins [12.27] (Live in Cleveland), When Big John Gets Up [8.12] (Live in Denton, TX)" - Spring Press.

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